This program has the power to illuminate and make big ideas and big content move into the minds of our young people. Hear my plea….do not dismiss the work of The Writing Revolution. It represents the highest art of teaching.

 – David Coleman, President of the College Board

The Hochman Method equips teachers across content areas with concrete strategies to improve students’ ability to write varied, complex sentences and to structure their ideas coherently in paragraphs and compositions. In DC Public Schools,  we have already seen students become better, more confident writers. We look forward to continued partnership with Dr. Hochman and her team.  

 – Brian Pick, Chief of Teaching and Learning for the District of Columbia Public Schools 

The Hochman Method is clear, useful and effective. Dr. Hochman gives teachers and administrators material they can use immediately when they go back to their schools. The feedback on her presentations has been universally positive in both shorter and longer formats. I am delighted that a substantial group of educators, including many administrators, have been introduced to this wonderful program. I use it myself!

 – Esther Klein Friedman, Ph.D., Executive Director, Literacy and AIS, New York City Department of Education

We are excited about the Writing Revolution because it improves outcomes for low-income children without opening new schools or creating a cadre of new teachers…The children we serve need this now.

 – Mark Bieler, chairman of the board of the Edwin Gould Foundation

This method is indispensable for any teacher seeking to develop systematically their students’ sentence, paragraph, and expository writing skills. The teaching activities and examples are extremely helpful for the tutor or teacher who needs flexibility within a structure and sequence.

– Louisa Moats, Ed.D. Author and Director of Professional Development and Research Initiatives, Sopris West Educational Services Longmont, CO

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