We empower teachers with tools that help students write their own futures.

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Our Mission

The Writing Revolution’s mission is to enable students, especially those from historically marginalized communities, to develop writing skills, as well as read critically and think analytically, so they will have enhanced opportunities to succeed in school, in the workplace, and in life.

We train and support teachers and school leaders in implementing the Hochman Method, an explicit set of evidence-based strategies for teaching expository writing. The method builds from sentences to compositions and is embedded in curricula across all content areas and grade levels.

Our Vision

The Writing Revolution envisions a day when all students acquire well-developed writing skills and the ability to think critically so that they have the opportunity to succeed.

Digital Magazine (Winter 21-22)

Learn how educators across the globe empower students through writing instruction.

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"We aimed to teach the carpentry of writing—the ability to craft clear, complete sentences; to build coherent, organized paragraphs; to assemble logical, cohesive essays grounded in relevant evidence from complex texts. After implementing The Writing Revolution we have proven what is possible when teachers provide students with the right tools—chisels to carve complex thoughts; hammers and nails that assemble sentences into logical paragraphs. Such carpentry will surely propel them to a level of communication capable of active engagement in our democracy."

Jessica Matthews-Meth, Instructional Coach, Truesdell Educational Campus, Washington, DC