Changing Lives One Sentence at a Time

TWR provides teachers at all grade levels with the capacity to deliver comprehensive writing instruction in every subject: English, social studies, math and science, as well as foreign languages.

TWR’s evidence-based strategies ensure that all students at all levels can produce clear, coherent, unified, and structured writing. Armed with those strategies, students become better readers, communicators and most importantly, critical thinkers.

We Believe That Writing Must Be:

Explicitly Taught


Consistently Reinforced


All Grades

All Subjects

Embedded In Content



Clear, Coherent, Fluent Writing

Critical Thinking

Content Knowledge

Reading Comprehension

Oral Language Skills

How It Works

Thinking and Writing

"The Hochman Method equips teachers across content areas with concrete strategies to improve students’ ability to write varied, complex sentences and to structure their ideas coherently in paragraphs and compositions. In DC Public Schools, we have seen students become better, more confident writers."

Brian Pick, Chief of Teaching and Learning for the District of Columbia Public Schools