Frequently Asked Questions



About TWR Online Courses:

Are the courses taught live?
What platform(s) does TWR use for courses?
What materials are included with the course?
How much do courses and workshops cost?
How long is the course in total?
Does TWR provide a certificate of completion?
Does TWR provide college or graduate school credits?
Does TWR provide CTLE credit?
What are the course requirements?
Does TWR offer in-person courses?

Course Registration Process:

Where can I find TWR’s course offerings?
What time zone are the courses listed in?
I can’t attend the course live. Can I view recordings of the course?
How do I register for a course?
How do I register multiple people for a course?
How do I know my registration has been submitted?
I don’t have an NCES ID. What should I do?
When do I pay for the course?
Who can I reach out to with questions about course registration?

Before the course begins:

When will I receive information about accessing the course sessions?
I did not receive the Course Information email yet, but I should have. Why not?
Do I need to do anything before the course begins?

During the course:

How is my attendance taken?
I missed a session. Can I view a recording?
Does my attendance count when I view a recording of the live session I missed?

After the course:

How do I get a certificate of completion?
How do I get CTLE credit?
How can I find out how to bring TWR to my school or district?


When will I receive my bill?
Who can I contact for billing related questions?
Where can I find additional documentation such as a W-9 and/or sole source letter?
How can I receive an attendance report or course agenda?
How will payment be processed?
Where should I send a check?
Can I pay by international wire transfer?
Is my school/district eligible for a discount?
How can I get a sales quote?