The Writing Revolution

The Writing Revolution brings proven strategies to underserved schools that enable students to improve their writing skills, become better readers, speak more coherently, and elevate their thinking in all content areas.

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The Writing Revolution is a non-profit organization created to ensure that The Hochman Method reaches as many students as possible.

"This program has the power to illuminate and make big ideas and big content move into the minds of our young people. Hear my plea….do not dismiss the work of The Writing Revolution. It represents the highest art of teaching."

– David Coleman, President of the College Board
"The Hochman Method equips teachers across content areas with concrete strategies to improve students’ ability to write varied, complex sentences and to structure their ideas coherently in paragraphs and compositions. In DC Public Schools, we have already seen students become better, more confident writers. We look forward to continued partnership with Dr. Hochman and her team."
– Brian Pick, Chief of Teaching and Learning for the District of Columbia Public Schools