The Hochman Method

bottom-menuThe Writing Revolution gives teachers a proven, cost-effective and evidence-based instructional methodology, the Hochman Method. This system enables students to master the skills that are essential if they are to become competent writers.  In turn, those skills equip students to become better readers, to communicate more effectively in writing and speaking, and most importantly, to elevate their thinking.

Through the Hochman Method, teachers and instructional leaders learn to use specific writing strategies in all subjects, including ELA, social studies, science, foreign languages and math, and in every grade. The basic components of the program are:

  • Sentence strategies to build complexity and clarity
  • Outlines to develop well-structured summaries, paragraphs, expository and argumentative essays, and research papers
  • Revisions to enhance unity and coherence

As students learn how to use these tools, their writing improves together with their ability to think analytically. Students begin to use writing and classroom discussion to review concepts they’ve learned, construct new knowledge, and generate new networks of understanding.

The skills students acquire as a result of the Hochman Method are exactly the ones they need to meet the demands of higher standards. These standards often provide a set of goals, but not a map showing teachers how to get there. The Hochman Method is that map.