Featured Resources – April 2024

New resources and helpful reminders.

Practicing the Strategies Recursively

As you plan your lessons, our List of TWR Activities (grade K-2, 3-12) can serve as a helpful reminder of the activities to be introduced and the previous activities you may want to revisit.

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April Content Examples – Earth Day & 2024 Solar Eclipse

Explore our new activities! We have a variety of sentence-level, SPO, and MPO activities around Earth Day and the 2024 Solar Eclipse.

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Visit our Content Examples section for additional student activities in different subject areas and grade levels.

Bulletin Board Bundle!

New to the Resource Library! View our Earth Day bulletin board activity. If you use this activity with your students, we would love to see it in action! Please share photos with us using the link provided in the slides.

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New webinar!

What TWR strategies and best practices address capitalization and punctuation? Watch the latest in our webinar series.

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2024 Black History Month Writing Contest Certificates

Educators, please visit our Contest Page for grade-band specific Certificates of Participation for your students!

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