Featured Resources – December 2023

As we transition into a new season, December’s Featured Resources include a spotlight on – transitions!

Strategy Spotlight – Transitional Words & Phrases

How can students learn to use transitional words and phrases? Watch our videos for tips and activities.

Teaching Transitions

Download the transition reference posters to hang in your classroom. Our new mini-posters are a great resource to share with students.

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December Content Examples

Visit our sample student activities for inspiration! There are activities for elementary and secondary grades.

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Visit our Content Examples section for additional student activities in different subject areas and grade levels.

Looking Ahead

TWR’s Annual Black History Month Writing Contest will be open to all educators registered on the Resource Library. Entries for students in grades 3 to 12 can be submitted for a chance to win prizes. More information, including contest guidelines, dates, and the submission process will be shared in January.

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