Featured Resources – November 2023

November’s Featured Resources include a spotlight on the Single-Paragraph Outline (SPO) and the SPO Scaffolding Activities.

Strategy Spotlight: Single-Paragraph Outline

How can you introduce the SPO? What strategies prepare students to develop SPOs and paragraphs independently? View our SPO webinar and visit the SPO Walkthrough for tips and ideas.

Teaching the SPO & Paragraph

Create worksheets and slide presentations for the SPO, SPO scaffolds, or any TWR activity using our Google Slides customizable templates.

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November Content Examples

We’ve shared several timely student activities.

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Visit our Content Examples section for additional student activities in different subject areas and grade levels.

Resource Tip of the Month

Slide up!

Did you know that every TWR template and content example has a space for the anticipated response? “Slide up” the slide by dragging the small black bar (speaker notes dragger) located below the slide to reveal the anticipated response, located in the speaker notes section.

Having an anticipated response for every activity is key to successful TWR planning and instruction!

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