TWR Newsletter – December 2023

2024: A Look Ahead

TWR is excited to continue spreading the revolution in 2024. 

Throughout the year, the team will present overviews of TWR writing strategies through webinars and conferences, and the faculty will continue to refresh the Resource Library with new materials. 

TWR is also preparing for several exciting events in 2024. We will launch a Black History Month Writing Contest in February for students in our partner schools. In May, we will host our 10th anniversary gala. We are also looking forward to the release of the 2nd edition of The Writing Revolution by Judith C. Hochman and Natalie Wexler.

Newark Public Schools Revolutionary Meeting

In December, the TWR team and Newark Public School’s Revolutionary Team, a group of teachers tasked with embedded TWR strategies into their ELA curriculum, reconvened to further the groundbreaking work initiated in the summer. The focus of the meeting was to reflect on the progress made, share insights, and discuss next steps. We are excited to continue to partner with them on this revolutionary work. 

Partner School Visits in December

TWR faculty regularly visits partner schools to observe how writing strategies have been implemented into classroom learning.

In December, the TWR team returned to Newark to visit Ironbound Academy and Ridge Street Elementary School. It was exciting to see explicit teaching of the Single-Paragraph Outline in several classrooms across grade levels. 

Spreading the Revolution

TWR continued to expand its reach in December. The team provided additional training to educators in Monroe City Schools in Louisiana, as well as educators in Arkansas.