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Spring and Summer
Update 2022

A Message From Our Co-Executive Directors

Dr. Toni-Ann Vroom
Dr. Dina Zoleo

Dear Friends,

As the changing environment has permitted our team to visit classrooms again, we have noticed a recurring and resonating theme: comeback.

Because two-and-a-half years of disruption have underscored how time is so fleeting and precious — which has prompted many of us to seek a deeper understanding of what our communities and the rest of our lives should look like — we have discovered a collective desire for more than a recovery: we want to thrive.

We can find this passion to thrive in our educator community — who in the face of warnings that schoolchildren will experience severe learning setbacks — have continued to invest their hopes for a better future through working harder than ever in their classrooms. Students have responded to this challenge with passions of their own.

The Writing Revolution team has been inspired by the Revolutionary community throughout the past school year: the thoughtful student entries in TWR’s first-ever Black History Month writing contest; a school district’s plans for a post-COVID comeback; classrooms from New York City and Wales collaborating to explore the power of writing; the growing hunger for educator innovation, and TWR’s evolving response; the wonderful, daily stories we hear about children becoming more engaged in their writing while forging life-changing paths.

You will read these stories, and more, in our year-end review. Thank all of you for the ongoing support that has allowed TWR to reach unprecedented levels of growth. Investing in our children provides a compelling case for the growth of our society and economy. We look forward to working with you to place this comeback within reach for all who require it.

To Joy and Literacy,

Our Reach

Educator Enrollment

3,536 2020-2021
School Year
8,001 2021-2022
School Year
126% Growth

Geographic Reach

36 Countries
50 U.S. States + D.C.
180K Books Sold

The strong annual growth in our courses and enrollment are signs the educator community shares the same vision as TWR: a day when all students have access to effective writing instruction.

Together, we will bring the vision within reach.

TWR’s Inaugural Black History Month Contest Results

Congratulations to the nearly 600 students who participated in our first-ever Black History Month writing contest, and who have impressed everyone with such high-quality work. The level of interest generated by this year’s entries tells us that next year’s contest will be even more exciting.

Winners and Runners-Up

Listen to voice samples of a few of the contest winners and finalists reading their entries.

High School Division

Serenity B.
Serenity B.
Grade 12
Wossman High School
Monroe, LA


Nicholas H. : Woodlands Middle High School, Hartsdale, NY, 9th grade (runner-up)

Grade 7-8 Division

Katelyn M.
Katelyn M.
Grade 8
Woodlands Middle High School
Hartsdale, NY


Julia S. ; Woodlands Middle High School, Hartsdale, NY, 7th grade (winner)

Grade 6 Division

Andrey B.
Grade 6
RJ Bailey Elementary School
White Plains, NY


Mamie H. ; Sallie Humble Elementary, Monroe, LA, 6th grade (runner-up)
Ammy P. ; RJ Bailey Elementary, White Plains, NY, 6th grade (runner-up)

International Learning

Wales Students Visit P.S. 60Q — A TWR Partner School

A delegation consisting of educators and students from two Welsh primary schools, St. Cadoc’s and St. Peter’s, kicked off their journey to learning the Hochman Method by visiting P.S.60-Woodhaven, TWR practicing school, in New York City. Read our press release that describes this special moment, and watch our video that captures the joy of travel and learning.

Welsh boy with PS60Q students

Teacher Scholarship

During the past year, TWR awarded 91 needs-based course enrollment scholarships to teachers. The overwhelmingly positive responses by educators have encouraged us to sustain and expand this program.

TWR Presents

TWR Strategies Have Been Embedded in Louisiana Department of Education’s Grades 3-5 Curriculum

LDOE faced a complex challenge as the agency prepared for the coming school year:

  • Revise grade 3-5 English Language Arts (ELA) Guidebooks — a curriculum designed by teachers, for teachers
  • Embed explicit writing instruction in the revised Guidebooks
  • Distribute the integrated content among thousands of educators across the state

A team of Louisiana-based teachers who are trained in The Writing Revolution’s Hochman Method, also known as Revolutionaries, were tasked with designing classroom writing activities that are aligned with the Guidebooks.

Alexandria Chalonec, TWR’s senior manager of faculty development, and Ailish McDermott, senior faculty team member, provided an overview of the embedded activities to 600 educators last month at Louisiana’s Teacher-Leader Summit.

“When can I have [these Guidebooks],” or “This is exactly what my kids need” are examples of the encouraging post-session feedback shared with our team.

“TWR is grateful to support LDOE in its journey towards revolutionizing their writing instruction,” says Dr. Toni-Ann Vroom, TWR co-executive director.

Ailish McDermott teaching at Louisiana Teacher-Leader Summit.

On April 28, Drs. Vroom and Zoleo presented an overview of the Hochman Method at the New Jersey Speech-Language-Hearing Association convention. They also presented the method during an online event hosted by Australia-based Think Forward Educators on Mar 1, and at the Arkansas Department of Education Summit on July 12.

Drs. Vroom (left) and Zoleo (right) at the New Jersey Speech-Language-Hearing Association convention

Share Your Story With Us

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We would love to hear about a victory you experienced while using the Hochman Method, or the progress you have witnessed among students and educators. Your submission could be featured in our digital magazine, website, or one of our social media channels.

Photo: Cypress Point University Elementary; a TWR partner school; Ms. Naylor’s KIndergarten class; March 11, 2022.